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Progressive Employers / Quality Jobs

New Monaco is being built around jobs. It seeks to create a diverse core base of businesses in the community to increase the prosperity of Peachland for the future.

Our primary targets are business leaders, established firms and highly qualified young professionals in the medical service and technology sector. Additional jobs will then be part of the mixed use village that supports the core businesses and residential areas.


  • Medical professionals and technicians
  • Related wellness services and clinic support
  • Imaging technologists
  • Information technology
  • Education services
  • Hotel and hospitality services
  • Food sector businesses
  • Artists, arts and culture businesses
  • Retail services
  • Engineering and design

Attracting and retaining young professionals and their families is important for Peachland’s future. The combinations of vineyards, wineries, golf courses, ski resorts in the region, the miraculous scenery of Peachland and the amenities available at new Monaco provides “an unparalleled quality of life” for families and individuals of all ages.

(There will be no casinos in New Monaco.)

New Monaco

New Monaco

New Monaco
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