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Providing Quality Health Services

New Monaco believes that our well-being is related to where we live and that a healthy living environment includes physical, social, mental and spiritual aspects. In this regard, our goal is to become the healthiest neighbourhood in Canada.

Working with experts from University of BC, Stanford University, BC’s Interior Health Authority and many others, a health strategy has been created for the neighbourhood which is based on four basic principles:

  1. Provide a wide range of health and medical services;
  2. Design the neighbourhood to stimulate and support a healthy lifestyle;
  3. Develop a culture of health through health promotion;
  4. Develop a long term health research and monitoring plan.
New Monaco

A major health, fitness and medical services center will be established andbuilt around a full service imaging facility. The scope of services expected to be offered in this center include health consultations, nutrition, fitness, dentistry, family medicine, many medical specialists, naturopathy, physiology, massage, chiropractic medicine, pain management, as well as elective day surgery.

A detailed strategy has been created addressing how buildings, streets, parks, playgrounds, transportation and many other aspects of the neighbourhood are designed to enhance health and well-being.

A study was recently completed on how to promote healthy lifestyles in a neighbourhood and its outcomes will further inform the design and programs in the neighbourhood.

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