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History of the Land


The lands are in the traditional territory of the Westbank First Nation and Penticton Indian Band, both are members of the Okanagan Nation Alliance. Archeological assessments are being undertaken on the property and have shown material “scatters” that are believed to indicate First Nations use before 1846.

The early human history on the New Monaco lands was transitory – the terrain formed a passage-way for the first mobile aboriginal parties passing through on foot and occasionally resting and camping alongside some of the small pools that collected on the benchland.

This bushland trail was adopted for heavier use as part of the “Fur Brigade Trail” in the early years of the 19th century when contingents of fur traders drove trains of pack horses from the Oregon ports in the south to Prince George in the north.

With the discovery of gold in the 1850s, hopeful miners traversed this very hillside slope in the fur brigade’s footsteps on their way to claims in the Okanagan.


It is an important objective of the New Monaco Planning Team to recognize and celebrate this historic trail – both through interpretation and by conserving much of it as central to the new community’s parks and trail network.

New Monaco is committed to respecting the rich heritage of the site and the Peachland community including:

  • Following the Heritage Conservation Act;
  • Completing archaeological assessments, identifying and protecting historical areas;
  • Planning to increase heritage interpretive resources in the future;
  • Preserving farming and other artifacts from the past 100 years of use on the site;
  • Working with the Peachland Historical Society and other experts to select names for streets and parks as well as other ways to celebrate the history of the site and the area.
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