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The Healthiest Neighbourhood in Canada

New Monaco won the top award for small town planning in Canada from the Canadian Institute of Planners in 2012 because it set itself a goal of becoming the healthiest community in Canada.

A health strategy

The team has developed a health strategy that will impact every aspect of the community to achieve this goal. The strategy includes for goals:

  1. Offering a wide range of health, wellness and medical services;
  2. Designing the community to support and promote a healthy lifestyle;
  3. Creating a culture of healthy living; and
  4. Long term monitoring and research

New Monaco’s health-related plans also include:

  • A wide choice of healthy and local food
  • A pedestrian focused community for all ages
  • Trails connecting every area of the site and neighbouring areas
  • A scooter-friendly network and infrastructure
  • Numerous fitness choices such as yoga, fitness centers, and coaching
  • Facilities to support families and aging-in-place to keep family relationships strong
  • Many opportunities to learn and be creative
  • A culture of celebration, festivals and health
  • A comprehensive range of health and medical services from wellness spas to full medical and imaging services within easy access of all residential areas
  • Playgrounds of many types in all areas of the community
  • Health and medical retail including pharmacies to meet all needs
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