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Showcasing Okanagan Food & Wine

The Okanagan is legendary for its wine, agriculture and range land – making it an oasis of fresh food and wine. Wines, from its nearly 200 vineyards, win top international awards every year.

The leadership of the New Monaco neighbourhood development team include highly successful restaurateurs, authors of books on food systems in cities, and more. A food and wine strategy has been completed for the project to ensure it achieves its highest potential.

Living in or visiting New Monaco will be a food experience, 12 months of the year, including:

  • Community gardens and urban agriculture
  • Productive landscaping featuring fruit trees, vineyards, berries, herbs and much more
  • Artisan food processing of many types
  • A farmers markets
  • A major food market
  • The best wine market in the Okanagan
  • Education opportunities in fine cuisine and wine
  • Food and wine festivals
  • A chef’s lodge, centered on the cuisine of Chef Emmanuel David – winner of 7 international culinary gold medals for Canada.
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