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A Quality Concept

A carefully crafted neighbourhood

Cities often work by accident (by sheer size) but New Monaco is selecting the best parts of a city and custom fitting them into a single excellent neighbourhood in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, including:

  • A diversity of housing and jobs
  • Great restaurants
  • Education opportunities
  • Many parks
  • Great shopping
  • Food and wine markets
  • Gracious hospitality
  • Great facilities for children
  • Community facilities
  • Many others

The advantages of the Okanagan over a major city

  • An affordable lifestyle for a young family
  • The best place to retire in BC

A beautiful location

  • 20 km views of Lake Okanagan from every part of the site
  • Views of a large provincial park across the lake
  • Surrounded by beautiful natural Okanagan mountains
  • Minutes from numerous beaches
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