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New Monaco’s Economic Strength

The economic heart of New Monaco will be built around a focused set of complementary uses. We believe that this combination of ‘commercial’ activities will establish the project as a vibrant and attractive hub for those who both live and work there. These uses include:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Technology
  3. Food, wine and hospitality
  4. Education
  5. Retail
  6. Arts

Economic impacts

Our economic advisors (Deloitte) completed an exhaustive economic impact study for New Monaco and within their report make the following projections in relation to economic benefits of the project:

  • Creation of over 1,500 full time jobs once construction of the village center is complete;
  • Over 16,000 full time person-yearr jobs during construction;
  • Over $2 billion in construction-related retail spending; and
  • Over $140 million/year in retail spending after completion.

A multi-faceted ‘destination’

Each aspect of New Monaco not only offers a high quality of life for those who live there, it also offers many reasons for residents of the overall Okanagan Valley to come to New Monaco:

  • Work - High tech, healthcare, retail, arts, business hotel;
  • Shopping - Boutique retail, artisan retail, food and wine, arts;
  • Play - Parks, trails, recreation centers, entertainment district, festivals;
  • Education- Post-secondary institutions, continuing education, fine cuisine, wine; and
  • Being healthy - Fitness, spas, food, gardens, health care.
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New Monaco

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