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Water Supply & Efficiency

Since water is one of the most important environmental considerations in Peachland, the New Monaco neighbourhood is being planned to use one half of the water per person of existing Peachland neighbourhoods.

Extensive work was completed to confirm sufficient water supplies before the New Monaco neighbourhood was adopted into Peachland’s OCP. The results of the analysis indicated that Peachland’s water resources will be sufficient to supply all anticipated growth, including the New Monaco neighbourhood.

Supply Scenarios:

  • Normal inflow runoff (2010)
  • Droughts
    • 3 years @ 1:20 low inflow runoff
    • 1 year @1:100 low inflow runoff

Demand Scenarios:

  • Increase of 2000 units in 20 years (OCP, WMP)
  • Increase of 6000 units in 20 years (all applications as of 2010, including New Monaco)

Reduced water demand: 22% below 2010 demand (as per OBWB)

New Monaco

Reference: Water Sensitivity Presentation to the District of Peachland Committee of the Whole, December 14, 2010.

The New Monaco neighbourhood will employ many water conservation strategies including:

  • High efficiency fixtures and appliances;
  • Capture of rainwater for re-use;
  • High efficiency irrigation systems;
  • Water-wise landscape design; and
  • Re-use of wastewater for landscape irrigation.

Much of the water for irrigation will be supplied from non-potable sources such as reclaimed wastewater and captured rainwater.

New Monaco has a licensed agricultural water supply of 51 acre feet per year and will create a water servicing strategy with Peachland that fits into its Water Master Plan.

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Target: 50% reduction in per capita use from 2010 Peachland levels.

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