The New Monaco development is dedicated to creating greater economic development opportunities in an environmentally sustainable manner.  We are creating an ecosystem that intuitively responds to the needs of our people and will help them to better use resources; from intelligent grid control to smart storage solutions, from building automation and sensors. We will be utilizing the latest technology in smart cities and infrastructure to increase our energy efficiency, reduce our need to travel, reduce waste and monitor all infrastructure to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.  We will also use technology to monitor the health of our parks and habitat areas.


By adopting this approach, our community will enjoy a smart, cleaner lifestyle through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, and environmental protection activities. 


The goals of our Smart City strategy go well beyond the creative uses of technologies and instead focus on bringing together citizens and businesses to transform New Monaco into an intelligent community that is more sustainable, more affordable, and healthier for all.  


Highlights include:


  • Smart Mobility:

    • Smart neighbourhood shuttles, automated vehicles, public transit, bike share, and more

  • Utilities:

    • Cost-effective solutions to lower costs, reduce carbon, mitigate waste, and deliver better service

  • Smart Public Spaces:

    • Smart sensors to prioritize maintenance in parks, streets, etc., interactive engagement (Art Wall) - creating an opportunity for engagement and social impact

  • Smart Buildings:

    • Comfort sensors for climate control, lighting, and more



Additional integrations will focus on the following:

  • Security and safety

  • Health

  • Education

  • Research

  • Innovation

  • Econ-ficiency and affordability

  • Property management