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New Monaco has been dedicated to Peachland’s future and its success from the beginning of the project.  Shortly after purchasing the land, Paul Tsang went to the then Mayor and council of Peachland and asked what the town needed – and that set the tone for the relationship between the community and ourselves ever since.

We spent years meeting with the community and working closely with community groups to co-create key aspects of the project to respond to the community’s values and needs, including seniors housing, healthcare, recreation, environmental sustainability, jobs, education, and many others.

We have been an enthusiastic sponsor of all of Peachland’s community groups and are honoured with having developed many friendships over the years.  We in turn have been blessed with the strong support of Peachland’s residents and Council over the years as we have worked through the planning and approvals process.


New Monaco’s Dedications to Peachland:

  • Increasing housing opportunities, including assisted housing for seniors

  • Increased supply of health, wellness and medical services

  • Increased shopping choice

  • Increased employment and business opportunities

  • Upgraded infrastructure and a more secure financial future for the municipality

  • Providing millions of dollars in additional community amenities

  • Providing many acres of new parks and trails connected to existing trails in the community

  • Bringing thousands of new customers for Peachland’s waterfront downtown businesses

  • Increasing transit services

  • Increasing numbers of young families and workforce in the area

We look forward to being able to bring to the community everything we have envisioned.

Architect hold plans
Area Structure Plan (ASP) & Official Community Plan (OCP)

New Monaco has developed a Master Plan and a set of development policies with the municipality of Peachland to guide its development. We will continue to work closely with the community and with a team of experts to support the vision of the community.

Going Over Plans

New Monaco then developed a more detailed site plan and drafted a Comprehensive Development Zone (CD) with municipal staff to govern what uses can occur on the site in what areas, including height and other controls.  The rezoning was approved unanimously by Council.

Green Balconies
A Phased Development Agreement (PDA)

New Monaco negotiated a PDA with the community concurrent with the zoning that lays out the rights and responsibilities of both the developer and the municipality, including outlining the community amenities that New Monaco will provide during its build out.

Renovated Building
Subdivision and Servicing Agreement

New Monaco is currently working on the technical work to refine the site plan and create a subdivision plan, as well as to complete the engineering studies and planning for water supply, sanitary systems, storm drainage and many other aspects of the project.  This work is purely technical and will receive the approval of the municipality’s staff (Approving Authority) when complete.

Concrete Building
Development & Building Permits

New Monaco will submit applications for Development Permits and Building Permits for its infrastructure and buildings as soon as the subdivision is complete, to support the construction of all the infrastructure (roads, water systems, etc…) and to construct the first phase of buildings.

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 2.26.14 PM.png
Smart Sustainable Growth

Peachland’s Official Community Plan (OCP) places great importance on supporting sustainability. The OCP’s Regional Context Statement states that “Peachland will adhere to sustainable development practices”.  Sustainable developments create jobs and services within a walkable neighbourhoods. New Monaco is Smart Sustainable Growth as it is designed for livability, sustainability and economic performance.

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