Image by Helena Lopes



New Monaco is being designed to provide a high-amenity, high-quality lifestyle. Our citizens will have access to better community connectivity, improved social equality and increased employment in this fully walkable, urban oasis. We envision a community where people will want to spend time together by providing endless amenities along with an open-space design aimed at promoting cycling, walking, and increased urban activity.


Our design features a network of walkways, courtyards and plazas offering a variety of sight lines toward Lake Okanagan - in fact, every residence within the community will have a 180 degree lake view. The urban core at New Monaco will provide a wide range of uses beyond traditional retail, ensuring that the community has a lively mix of shops and restaurants, community spaces, maker studios, pop-ups, and small businesses to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. The urban centre and surrounding areas will showcase the local vegetation with designated nature areas and songbird habitats throughout. 


Whether you're a thrill seeker or a chill seeker, New Monaco will truly be a place for everyone.

Couple on a Walk
Image by Simon Goetz
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