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New Monaco is planned to include three ‘neighbourhood’ areas, all linked by a series of streets, pathways and trails.


These include:


  • The Commercial District - An Urban Village Center

    • This area is planned to be a mixed use, institutional and medium density residential zone with a vibrant business, entertainment, recreation and urban shopping urban village centre.


  • A Central Residential Community

    • This area is planned to be a medium density, primarily residential neighbourhood with condominiums, town homes, resort amenities and minor local serving retail.

  • A Low-Impact Hillside Area

    • This hillside neighbourhood is closest to Peachland's existing residential community. This area is planned to have low density residential lots with homes that fit into the hill with spectacular views. Other supporting uses such as vineyards and low impact hospitality will give this beautiful community an extra layer of a picturesque lifestyle. 

New Monaco Site Plan 20200904_WEST
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New Monaco Aerial Photos-003.jpg
Additional Highlights Include:

  • An International University Centre

    • An international university centre is planned that will integrate programs from many universities into an educational destination.  This centre will bring the best and brightest and create a high energy culture of advanced learning and research.  It will secure thousands of students, faculty, visiting scholars and families as a social and cultural foundation of the neighbourhood. 

  • A Private High School

    • A private high school will offer the youth of families who live at New Monaco and elsewhere top quality academic and extra-curricular programs. This high school will have direct links with the international excellence of the university through the University Centre, linked with the international excellence of the university.

  • A Healthcare Centre

    • A comprehensive healthcare and wellness centre is planned to steward the Healthiest Community Initiatives at New Monaco. The Health Centre will have a wide range of clinical services as well as personal health and wellness programs. New Monaco is working with several leading healthcare providers and public health authorities to bring this innovative social service to life.

  • A Technology Hub

    • Benefiting from New Monaco’s advanced smart city program and its partnerships with the telecom industry, New Monaco has plans to assist in facilitating the rapid growth of the high tech industry in the region. We will work with healthcare and education institutions and technology corporations to attract the brightest talents to set up shop at the New Monaco technology hub. 

  • Wine Centre

    • One of the most memorable wine experiences in Western Canada will be located in the neighbourhood, anchored by a presence of the over 200 wineries in the Okanagan. 

  • Hotel and Conference Centre

    • A full service hotel will anchor the hospitality for the community, supporting the significant tourism demand that already exists in the region, as well as the additional demand created by the destination uses in New Monaco.

  • Spa

    •  A destination spa will offer leisure and therapeutic treatments of many kinds, to support both wellbeing and health in association with the health centre, hotel and other neighbourhood experiences.

  • An Interactive Culinary, Entertainment Leisure Emporium 

    • This innovative leisure experience will animate the centre of the village. There will be a diversity of food, drink, shopping and entertainment venues including pubs, wine rooms, and live music stages indoors and out.  Our signature Street Food Alley will attract foodies from all cultures and our pop up fashion booths will showcase the latest creations from local designer to sought after brands. 

  • Single Family Homes

    • Nestled in the tranquil and private hillside on the site, this western neighbourhood will be exclusively view lots for luxury single family homes. All homes will be south facing and have unbroken views of Okanagan Lake and are within a healthy walking distance to the village centre. Shuttle service will also be available regularly. 

  • Townhomes

    • New Monaco’s town homes are designed to foster a strong harmonious community environment through community gardens and fitness parks. Townhomes will provide ground oriented multi-family homes throughout the central area of the village, in a residential primary area, but within easy walking distance of the village and its amenities.

  • Condominiums

    • Condominiums in a range of medium density buildings will be located in the more residential areas as well as in the urban village, providing a wide range of unit sizes and price points, to support a diverse and vibrant population. Almost all units will have majestic views of Lake Okanagan.

  • Seniors Housing

    • Seniors will find New Monaco to be the ultimate environment to live, stay healthy, keep active, and stay young and happy at heart. New Monaco have and will continue to design amenities, trails, roads and programs for seniors to stay active and engaged. A diversity of seniors housing will be available from independent living through to fully assisted living, benefiting from the social vibrancy of the neighbourhood as well as its health care centre.

  • Parks

    • Over 20 acres of land will be dedicated as parks and greenways to provide a wide range of natural and urban green space to support the natural environment and active, healthy living. See the park concept plans below:

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