Modern Housing Complex


New Monaco’s overall community plan places great emphasis in the design of public places. We have worked closely with municipal and community leaders to develop an inclusive platform that encourages local residents and stakeholders to contribute to their communities, to help attract employers and retain talent.

Thriving public spaces and cultural events help define a community’s economic and social vitality. New Monaco's nature trails, themed family parks, street food culture, community festivals and the Art Wall at the Central Piazza will all contribute to a strong quality of life. They will promote interaction and foster a harmonious environment for learning, raising a family and for our older generation to stay young and active.​

Diversity Students

Younger singles & couples will have access to:

  • Employment and career opportunities

  • Education opportunities

  • A diversity of affordable housing

  • A vibrant social life in the village

  • Great restaurants, pubs and lounges

  • Night life and live entertainment

  • Many options for outdoor recreation

Young Family

Children & Young families have access to:

  • Daycares

  • Unique learning environments for the arts and sciences for children

  • Many outdoor parks and playgrounds

  • Gardens

  • Special festivals and events

  • Easy access to shops in the New Monaco village as well as a major large-format shopping center less than 5 minutes away in West Kelowna


Working adults will have access to:

  • Business and employment opportunities

  • Arts and culture of many types

  • A range of excellent restaurants and cafes

  • World class food and wine (retail and experiences) in the Okanagan

  • Education opportunities - both professional and for personal interest

  • A full service hotel and conference facility

  • Shops with popular clothing and goods

  • Extensive health and wellness services

  • Resort amenities

  • A diversity of urban housing

Romantic Picnic Couple

Retirees will have access to:

  • A diversity of housing to meet all their needs – from fully independent to fully assisted living

  • A great village with a diversity of shopping and a vibrant social life

  • A comprehensive range of health and medical services

  • Recreation facilities

  • Life-long education opportunities

  • Easy access to the 9th busiest airport in Canada for travel

  • Many choices for walking and exercising

  • Infrastructure to support electric mobility scooters

Image by asoggetti

Living in or visiting New Monaco will be a food experience, 12 months of the year. Highlights will include:

  • Community gardens and urban agriculture

  • Productive landscaping featuring fruit trees, vineyards, berries, herbs and much more

  • Artisan food processing of many types

  • A farmers markets

  • A major food market

  • An innovative wine market showcasing the regions' selection

  • Education opportunities in fine cuisine and wine

  • Food and wine festivals

  • A chef’s lodge, centered on the cuisine of Chef Emmanuel David – winner of 7 international culinary gold medals for Canada.

Image by Drew Dau

Extensive Recreation & Leisure Facilities will include:

  • A Recreation Building 

  • An Aquatic Centre 

  • A World-class spa

  • A Private Beach Club 

Art Display

 Support for the arts is being planned for all areas of the neighbourhood including:

  • ​​Artist studios

  • Arts education

  • Community arts facilities

  • Indoor and outdoor performance space

  • Art galleries

  • Community art walls

  • Art and film projection infrastructure

  • Public art

  • Festival infrastructure

  • Many other elements​​

A strong relationship has been built with the Peachland Arts Council and UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies. A number of arts-related programs are already underway including a partnership with UBC to film five years of change on the New Monaco site as the neighbourhood is built.



New Monaco will offer a range of housing size and price points including:

  • Entry level housing, long term rental, vacation apartments, luxury homes and senior housing. 

  • Single family and exclusive estate living - standard lots to estate site lots from 6000 sf to 1.5 acres

  • Low density multi-family - Duplexes and townhomes 

  • Medium density multi-family -  mid-rises and high-rises

  • Retirement  - Independent, semi and fully assisted housing

​All housing in New Monaco will have great views of Lake Okanagan and other beautiful Okanagan scenery.