New Monaco has taken a partnership approach to its development process, believing that it will take many organizations to work together for the community to achieve its goals. We have worked and consulted with a number of groups who have, and continue to, assist New Monaco in creating Canada's Happiest & Healthiest Community:

  • With the Peachland community and its many community groups in the envisioning of the project.

  • With the University of British Columbia (Okanagan), as an industry funder for several NSERC grants, in exploring advanced sustainable infrastructure systems for the project, as well as in advancing the arts program for the project.

  • With Okanagan College in exploring the potential for expanding the food and wine experience in the Valley, as well as an industry funder for an NSERC grant to develop Wild Play design programs for parks.

  • With the Okanagan Economic Development Commission in work to attract high tech companies to the Valley.

  • Ongoing planning with Telus to provide the smart infrastructure for the healthcare, education and efficiency systems 

  • Ongoing planning with Fulbright Canada and the University of British Columbia for the Education Hub at New Monaco

  • And many others