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New Monaco is a new 125 acre master planned community being developed in the north east corner of Peachland, bordering West Kelowna and overlooking spectacular Lake Okanagan. Peachland Town Council adopted the New Monaco neighbourhood into its Official Community Plan, supporting tourism, cultural, commercial, retail, and residential development.

The New Monaco site, with its nearly 3 km long landmass, is naturally divided into three distinct neighbourhoods. The west and central neighbourhoods offer a resort-like environment for a quiet and leisurely lifestyle while the eastern village centre provides a highly active and vibrant environment designed for strong economic success. The neighbourhoods are separated by a large ecologically conserved green space that will be nurtured into a sanctuary for local plants and song birds. A number of natural areas, organic gardens and parks will be integrated throughout the development which will all be connected by trails and greenways.


New Monaco will compliment the charming and desirable Peachland district through ensuring that our community is developed in a manner that contributes to bettering society and the environment. We will continue to create jobs, offer a wide range of services, promote opportunities for higher education and provide thoughtful supports for a happy, and healthy lifestyle. Commercial services in retail and tourism will include an innovative shopping, entertainment and recreation complex, a variety of restaurants and food markets, a full service hotel as well as expansive convention and trade pavilions. Institutional and cultural resources will include a university centre & high school, a tech hub, a health centre and an arts quarter. A diversity of housing, including seniors housing, will be built into the gentle hillside with unobstructed south-facing views of majestic Lake Okanagan.


The New Monaco development focuses on digital optimizations to its urban infrastructure, and we will continue to explore ways in which disruptive technology can dramatically improve planning, design, and management for a more resilient future. By adopting a Smart City approach, New Monaco will offer a smarter, safer, and more sustainable community that is responsive to our citizens and one that will provide a platform to grow your business, to build your career, or immerse yourself in an environment passionate about innovation and continuous learning.


At New Monaco, we are committed to providing a safe, secure and vibrant environment for you to advance your education, to inspire innovation, to advance your career, to raise your family, to nurture your health or simply to enjoy life in this fully walkable urban oasis.


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Your feedback is important to us. Please use the information to the right, or email addresses below to send us your thoughts about New Monaco.

Investor, Business, & Community Relations Inquiries

Chris Curtola - Director of Investor Relations

Other Inquiries

1 (250) 767-9000


New Monaco is built on partnership. We humbly ask for your input and participation. We have developed the foundations of this wonderful community, and we invite you to build Canada's Happiest and Healthiest community with us. Please go to the "Contact" page to email us, or subscribe to our website for updates using the email below.

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