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Strategic Plan & Project Timeline Updates



  • New Monaco has been given a major green light from the Ministry of Transportation resulted in an entrance to the development off the Connector, a few hundred metres west of the current interchange.


  • Update site plan

  • On-going planning with Education Partner - Fulbright, UBC, Okanagan College, others.

  • On-going planning with Telecom Partner - Telus

  • Initiate recruitment of Anchor Tenants - Healthcare and Technology

  • Recruitment of Strategic development Partners

  • Subdivision application - District of Peachland

  • Preliminary Infrastructure design - Ministry of Transportation

  • Community consultation - Community of Peachland


  • Design and infrastructure construction


  • Infrastructure construction continue, building construction starts

Construction is expected to start in the winter of 2021, with the first occupancies expected in the spring of 2024.

Social balance and economic sustainability are factors which ultimately make the difference for the quality of communities. The commercial core (the first phase of the project to be built) will generate a wide range of business and employment opportunities in health, technology and education for young families. This will form the economic foundation for all of the proposed uses that we are striving to create - Canada’s Healthiest Community.

Moving forward, we will continue to work very closely with the District of Peachland and the community as a whole to create the conditions that will establish a firm structure for a sustainable project.

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