Chris Pereira

Chris Pereira is an experienced strategy and communications professional from Canada with 15 years of experience in China. Fully bilingual (written/spoken) Mandarin and English, he has built his career upon being a constructive bridge between different people, interests, and cultures. He has worked with hundreds of companies, and dozens of Fortune 500 enterprises.

Chris was recently featured by Vancouver City News, Omni News, and Richmond News for his sponsorship of the translation of a BC First Nations history book into Mandarin, a project led by Professor Keith Carlson at University of the Fraser Valley. Chris was also the planner and project manager for the documentary "Connect the North", which highlighted young Inuit women whose lives and careers were improved after high-speed internet was brought to the Far North.

As a featured speaker at the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA), Chris recently represented his company Canadian Ecosystem Institute as a panelist during a conversation about Accelerating the Global Digital Economy (Toronto Global Forum), and as an opening speaker for a session on inclusion and diversity at the IEFA’s Conference de Montreal. Link here and here.

Chris has spoken at universities and colleges across Canada, sharing insights about the future of technology and business, networking, and career. With his team at Canadian Ecosystem Institute, Chris is working to make Richmond BC a role model for successful multiculturalism in Canada, helping to ensure companies and people are able to integrate smoothly into the market in Canada and overseas.

Chis is President & CEO of communications and market research firm Canadian Ecosystem Institute, and co-founder of local BC networking organization West Coast Opportunity Accelerator. He serves at the Chief of Staff for New Monaco.